Building Projects

This area presents radio-related building projects, a little bit of everything, from transmitters and a shortwave receiver, to nifty radio add-ons. To learn how I restored many vintage radios and tube televisions, also visit our Restoration area.

Home TV Transmitter

iPod Adapter for Antique Radios

Building a Tube Theremin

A-V Adapter for Antique TVs

Video Adapter for RCA CT-100 TV

AM Radio Transmitter

Battery Radio Power Supply

Crystal Shortwave Radio

Dim-bulb Radio Tester

Magic Eye for Hallicrafters S-20R

Making AC/DC Radios Safer to Use

Portable AM Transmitter

S-Meter for Hallicrafters S-38

Replica Hallicrafters R-12 Speaker

Tube-Powered Theremin

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