Phil's Old Radios


Hi, I'm Phil Nelson, and I don't consider myself a serious collector, although some folks might disagree. I've had loads of fun picking up old radios and TVs, and even more fun restoring them, photographing them, and putting the images online. This website offers a different way to enjoy my collection and to let others share that enjoyment.

The first photo shows me about twenty-seven years ago, when I launched this website. The second one shows me in my workshop circa 2005, with a few more gray hairs.


I've learned a few things in the last twenty-plus years, about photography and creating a website, as well as electronic restoration. If you're curious about what it took to build this site, read about how I built this website.

If this is your first visit, plan to check our What's New page now and then. We're constantly adding new gallery items and information resources for collectors.

Thanks again to the thousands of radio and TV lovers who have sent me email over the years. It's fun to hear from fellow collectors (including beginners) around the world. This website is here to serve you, so please continue to send email to let me know what you think.

Here are some additional thoughts on a worldwide virtual museum, which I wrote soon after launching this website in 1995.


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