Zenith Model 8G005YTZ1 TransOceanic Radio (1948)


If you've seen a model 8G005Y TransOceanic, you've also seen a model 8G005YTZ1. The only difference is inside, where Zenith substituted a miniature all-glass 117Z3 rectifier tube for the larger octal 117Z6 type.

For general information about 8G005 series TransOceanics, with extensive restoration notes, see my 8G005Y article.

Model 8G005 TransOceanics were built from 1946-1949. This set has serial number B146966 and was built in 1948. There was also a 1949 8G005YTZ2 model, with the 2 denoting yet another rectifier change.

The glass mini rectifier tube is visible in this radio's back view. It's the one farthest to the right. It looks like the designers simply riveted a mini-size socket adapter over the old, larger loktal socket.

Apart from that small internal difference, I can't tell my two 8G005s apart without checking the serial numbers. Both are in excellent condition.

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