Radios Shown in October, 1936 Radio Craft

Here are most of the radios and dials shown in this magazine cover, in three rows from left to right.

  • Stewart-Warner "Good Companion" round tabletop
  • Grunow console with Teledial
  • Grunow Teledial
  • Noblitt-Sparks Rhythm King 1127 Console
  • General Electric E-155 Console with Colorama dial
  • RCA 15K Console
  • Admiral AM 387 console with Tilt-Tuner dial
  • General Electric Colorama dial
  • RCA 15K dial
  • Zenith dial with Target Tuning and Station Re-locator
  • Zenith 7D-148 chairside
  • Philco 116X Deluxe with magnetic tuning and telephone dial
  • Philco 116X dial

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